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A Mother's Crime (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jenny Gabrielle in A Mother's Crime (2017)

A Mother's Rage

Having had enough of her husband's controlling ways and spurred on by her lover, Danielle (Jenny Gabrielle) kills her husband and goes on the run with her baby, ending up at the home of her estranged sister Nikki (April Bowlby) but only to steal money. When the police catch up with Danielle at a hospital and she realises that she will be facing time inside she does the thing she never thought she would, sign over custody of her baby to her sister. But after 7 years inside Danielle is coming back for her daughter and nothing is going to stop her despite Nikki having given her daughter a good home, although her own daughter Becky is starting to feel she is being neglected.

As obvious as the nose on your face - whilst I have never understood why someone's nose would be obvious the saying partly describes "A Mother's Crime" as you know that at some point Danielle is going to come looking for her daughter and nothing will stop her from getting her back. As such you wait for her to show up and snatch her daughter whilst at some point having a full on row with her sister. But then "A Mother's Crime" has a couple of other elements which make it a little more interesting such as when we witness a mystery man breaking in to Nikki's home to take photos. Plus we have the interesting set up of Nikki having married a lawyer friend and raised Danielle's baby as their own which has caused some issues with Becky who resents her mum's new husband.

It is these extra elements which make "A Mother's Crime" that little bit more entertaining as beyond these things the rest of the movie from the way characters act to various scenes it typical. In fact this is one of those made for TV movies which leaves you with questions from how comes Danielle's lover didn't move on with someone else whilst she was inside to what is the history which has lead to Danielle and Nikki not seeing eye to eye about anything.

What this all boils down to is that stylistically "A Mother's Crime" is your typical made for TV thriller, your regular Lifetime movie with character issues and so on. But it is a movie which throws some interesting twists into the mix which add a nice element of mystery to things and stop it from being too obvious.