A Housekeeper's Revenge (2016) (aka: The Maid) Chrysti Ane, Kathryn Newton, Fay Masterson, Kenton Duty, Tom Maden, Lance Irwin Movie Review

A Housekeeper's Revenge (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Fay Masterson in A Housekeeper's Revenge (2016) (aka: The Maid)

Don't Trust the Maid Service

After finishing with boyfriend, Ben (Tom Maden), Laura Blackwell (Kathryn Newton) finds herself dealing with what she is sure is Ben turning nasty as her social media account gets hacked and then someone distributes spiteful flyers about her around campus. But that is just one of her issues as her father, Paul (Lance Irwin), is getting remarried and Laura isn't keen on his choice of bride, the much younger Elise (Lee Broda). But when Paul and Elise head off on honeymoon and leave Laura at home with the new maid, Colleen (Fay Masterson - Amish Grace), things soon start to turn bad for the college student.

Why? No I'm not asking why anyone would want to watch one of these made TV movies but why is Colleen such a psycho who frequently seems like she is on the verge of snapping in a diabolical way. That is the main draw to "A Housekeeper's Revenge", which is also known as "The Miad", as early on we witness her having a psychotic style episode and then bit by bit a picture forms involving Colleen's son who when we first meet him we discover he has a disability where he has a child's mind. And bit by bit we learn what is going on and why Colleen has these moments of irrational thinking as well as what her plans are.

Kathryn Newton in A Housekeeper's Revenge (2016) (aka: The Maid)

The trouble with "A Housekeeper's Revenge" is that whilst it tries to sew some seeds of doubts as to who might behind the campaign of revenge which Laura finds herself dealing with it never does it subtly enough. In fairness it isn't just "A Housekeeper's Revenge" which does this but it does mean that for long periods this movie is all about Colleen being unhinged and why.

Now what that means is that for the most "A Housekeeper's Revenge" is just a typical made for TV movie with plenty of typical performances from a pleasant looking cast who seem to own the sort of homes which most of us only dream about. But I really enjoyed the performance of Fay Masterson as she delivers the semi haggard look of a woman struggling to hold it together and manages to deliver the psychotic, unhinged nature with out coming across like a pantomime villain.

What this all boils down to is that "A Housekeeper's Revenge" is your typical modern made for TV thriller where you have an irrational person seeking revenge for something in the past. But this one benefits from the performance of Fay Masterson which is nicely grounded to make her character entertaining in a semi scary sort of way.