A Song for Christmas (2017) Becca Tobin, Kevin McGarry, Dendra Leigh Timmins, Paula Boudreau, David Keeley, James McGowan, Zarrin Darnell-Martin, Jason P. Paul, Ted Jefferies Movie Review

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Becca Tobin and Kevin McGarry in A Song for Christmas (2017)

A Christmas Tree Farm Holiday

Adelaide Kay (Becca Tobin - Do I Say I Do) is the latest hot property on the country music scene and to make her all the more popular her manager, Russell (James McGowan - Flower Shop Mystery: Mum's the Word), has her play along with a fake romance with another hot star. Trouble is that Adelaide isn't happy as she feels she is cheating her fans especially when her manager decides that she shouldn't be writing her own material anymore. When the tour bus pulls up in a small town Adelaide finds herself left behind with no money, no plan and getting colder by the minute. Fortunately the Lapps family take her in unaware of who she is and show her what a family Christmas is all about on their struggling Christmas Tree farm. Well that is everyone except their eldest son Dillon (Kevin McGarry - Love at First Bark), a talented musician who uses the farm as an excuse not to risk failure of trying to become a musician.

I think "A Song for Christmas" is the 6th Christmas movie I have watched from this years new offerings from Hallmark with this being one which was shown on "Hallmark Movies & Mysteries". And to be honest whilst I have enjoyed all of the movies so far I am still waiting for that stand out Hallmark Christmas movie which is more than just one of the many. Unfortunately "A Song for Christmas" isn't that stand out Christmas movie but it is one which is filled with the beauty and wholesome charm which fans of Hallmark Christmas movies watch them for.

Now "A Song for Christmas" is unsurprisingly not the most complicated of movies and simply sees a famous city girl getting to experience some traditional Christmas homely fun having ended up stranded in a small town. As such what you get is that whole family experience where the mum treasures the home made decorations which go up each year whilst they all sit around the table together for meals. Of course there is more to "A Song for Christmas" and this features the big cliche of the family on the verge of losing their struggling business, which in this case is a Christmas Tree farm. Basically this delivers a lot of wholesome family Christmas entertainment with that fabulous Hallmark look and some familiar story elements.

And of course "A Song for Christmas" has romance; I actually can't remember watching a Hallmark movie which doesn't have romance in it. But in truth "A Song for Christmas" doesn't have that great romantic spark but it does feature Becca Tobin and Kevin McGarry who look good both individually and together.

What this all boils down to is that "A Song for Christmas" will definitely entertain fans of Hallmark Christmas movies as it has that wholesome family charm combined with that fabulous Hallmark look you get in their Christmas movies. But for me the spark of romance or moment of emotional depth which can make a Hallmark Christmas movie special just isn't there.

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