A Dangerous Affair (1995) Connie Sellecca, Gregory Harrison, Christopher Meloni, Rosalind Cash Movie Review

A Dangerous Affair (1995)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Connie Sellecca in A Dangerous Affair (1995)

Ordinarily Obsessed

Having focussed on her career Sharon Blake (Connie Sellecca - She Led Two Lives) is a successful business woman but one who is ready to give up on finding herself a man as none of them have lived up to her expectations. Then her friend introduces her to Robert Kenzer (Gregory Harrison - A Christmas Romance), a charming realtor, who sweeps her off her feet with lavish dinners, limos and fresh roses. But when Sharon discovers Robert is in fact broke and owes rent she begins to become concerned especially as he loses his temper when she confronts him with the truth. And when she discovers he has an ex wife and a son that he hasn't bothered mentioning she has enough and leaves him. But Robert can't deal with her rejection as he starts calling her at home and at work every hour of the day and night, sending her gifts despite losing his job and almost getting arrested when he turns violent in her office.

Picture the scene, its a rainy night, the glow from a fluorescent motel sign illuminates a window where a desperate woman stands, her hair wet nervously looking out at the drenched parking lot to see if anyone is coming. That is how "A Dangerous Affair" starts and the woman looking nervously out of the window is Sharon, as to why she is nervous is yet to be revealed. But then "A Dangerous Affair" jumps back 3 months and to that old chestnut of a career woman saying she has turned her back on dating only for her to immediately meet the seemingly perfect man who sets about wining and dining her.

Gregory Harrison in A Dangerous Affair (1995)

So as the synopsis for "A Dangerous Affair" mentions, Sharon realises that Robert is not the perfect man he seems and when she dumps him he turns obsessed stalker who is delusional and doesn't understand that "No" means "No". Unfortunately whilst Connie Sellecca is both attractive and likeable as Sharon and Gregory Harrison certainly delivers delusional it is a case that it has all been done before. From Robert peering through windows at night and rummaging through her lingerie draw to Sharon falling for the nice guy, here an investigator played by Christopher Meloni, pretty much everything about "A Dangerous Affair" is familiar.

The thing is that all this build up leads to that opening scene with Sharon nervously looking out of a motel window and this to be honest is the only real attention grabbing scene "A Dangerous Affair", well beyond a couple which play on Connie Sellecca's looks such as a poorly edited shower scene. Anyway after so much predictable build up the motel scene is about the only mystery in the entire movie. The trouble is that whilst we have a certain amount of mystery as to how things are going to play out you just know it is going to have the far fetched aspect of a horror where people get shot and hurt yet somehow manage to get up and keep on going. Oh and "A Dangerous Affair" is one of those movies from the 90s which is not happy with just one ending it has two.

What this all boils down to is that if you enjoy 90s TV movies then "A Dangerous Affair" should just about entertain thanks mainly to the casting of Connie Sellecca, Gregory Harrison and Christopher Meloni. But this is a movie which is 90% familiar and the only mystery is how contrived the ending is going to get in trying to deliver excitement and danger.