A Christmas Reunion (2015) Movie Review

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Denise Richards in A Christmas Reunion (2015)

Christmas Cookie Troopers

Amy Stone (Denise Richards - Fatal Acquittal) and Jack Evans (Patrick Muldoon - Christmas in Palm Springs) were close as children, hanging out at Amy's Aunt's bakery and eventually ending up in a relationship. But it never worked out and they each went their separate ways until years later Amy's aunt passes away a few weeks before Christmas and they are both asked to return to the town where they grew up. As it turns out each of them has inherited half of the bakery and not only need to find a way of co-running the business but staging the annual Christmas Cookie competition. But between Amy's boss wanting her back in the city and a slippery lawyer trying to sell the business out from under them they have their work cut out.

Let me break "A Christmas Reunion" down in to the obvious parts of the story with of course the most obvious being that whilst Amy and Jack bicker and rub each other up the wrong way end up still having feelings for each other. It is all entirely typical but good fun as is the equally typical side which sees Amy getting some pressure from her boss in the city to return as she is crucial to his business. On top of that there is the whole mystery surrounding whether or not Amy and Jack will find a secret recipe to the aunt's legendary cookies. And just for an extra measure we have a childhood rival trying to sell the business out from under them which of course gives us some comedy.

Patrick Muldoon in A Christmas Reunion (2015)

The thing is that whilst "A Christmas Reunion" is fun it is as predictable as so many a made for TV Christmas movie. It means that this is another made for TV Christmas movie about the cute fun which fills the movie, be it everyone thinking that Amy and Jack are a couple before they even realise it to Jack accidentally using salt instead of sugar in the cookies. But thankfully what it also does is not tell you everything in one go and so whilst we can guess that Amy and Jack were once an item we only get to learn what happened to them as a couple and individually a bit at a time.

What this all boils down to is that "A Christmas Reunion" is really just a typical made for TV Christmas movie which has some fun with an obvious romantic storyline. There is of course one more thing which is that this sees Denise Richards, Patrick Muldoon and Jake Busey reunited having been in "Starship Troopers" together.

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