A December Bride (2016) Jessica Lowndes, Daniel Lissing, Kurt Evans, Brendon Zub Movie Review

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Jessica Lowndes in A December Bride (2016)

Festive Faking It

Aspiring interior designer Layla (Jessica Lowndes) was happily engaged, that is until her friend Seth (Daniel Lissing) introduced her fiancee, Jack (Jay Hindle), to her cousin, Jessica (Pauline Egan), and a year later Layla finds herself being invited to Jack and Jessica's wedding. Not really wanting to go she asks her neighbour to go with her to save face, he says yes but then falls ill and Layla finds herself agreeing to go with the last person she expected to, Seth. But things get out of hand when having attended the wedding as a fake couple Seth tells people they are in fact engaged forcing Layla to play along especially as it seems to open doors to new job opportunities for the both of them.

Back when I was young there was a thing on the Steve Wright radio show which had the catchphrase "another true story". Well "A December Bride" isn't "another true story" but it is "another fake relationship movie", the sort which seems to spring up on the Hallmark channel when ever the festive season arrives. What that means when it comes to "A December Bride" is a highly predictable storyline although one which has a more elaborate and over the top set up from boyfriends and cousins to being a fake couple who end up being in a fake engagement.

Daniel Lissing in A December Bride (2016)

So whilst "A December Bride" is as predictable as they come, right down to those who doubt whether Layla and Seth are for real or not, it is still entertaining because it delivers a slice of Hallmark Christmas entertainment. As such we have beautiful looking sets, decorated in an idealistic way; we also have the beautiful Jessica Lowndes looking gorgeous throughout whilst delivering plenty of easy going niceness which is what you also get from Daniel Lissing with a big slice of nice guy on top for good measure. Yes it is even more predictable stuff but then it delivers exactly what fans of these Hallmark Christmas movies want, which is easy on the eye and easy to watch entertainment.

What this all boils down to is that "A December Bride" isn't anything new as it reworks the fake relationship to real relationship storyline. But it works and it is easy to watch although truth be told it isn't one of those movies which need your full attention.

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