A Baby for Christmas (2015) Victoria Rowell, Malinda Williams, Karon Riley, DeEtta West, Greg Alan Williams Movie Review

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A Baby for Christmas (2015)

Another Chandler Christmas

Christmas is coming but the Chandler family are so busy living their own lives it looks like the traditions they hold dear may be forgotten about this year. For Marci (Malinda Williams) and Blair (Karon Riley) their attention is on impending parenthood and wanting to be the best parents possible. Then having retired Uncle Donald (Greg Alan Williams) is feeling like he had no purpose and getting under Aunt Myra's (DeEtta West) feet who herself is feeling like retirement isn't all it is cracked up to be. And then there is Stephanie’s (Victoria Rowell) romance with Lawrence (Kristoff St. John) who still feels like he should return to his mission work. Plus aunt Elizabeth (Chrystale Wilson) has become obsessed with her career and getting a promotion. But maybe there is still hope when the family have an encounter with a group of children from the orphanage.

So far I have watched "Marry Me for Christmas" but not the follow up movie "Marry Us for Christmas" and whilst I am sure it helps when watching the third movie in the series "A Baby for Christmas" I don't believe it is critical. Although having said that I reckon that maybe that 2nd movie may help to establish more of a bond with the characters as what "A Baby for Christmas" came across as for me was a diverse collection of characters all with their own issues and all a bit noisy with it. It almost gets to the point that the Chandler family almost seem to be competing for the audiences attention when it comes to their individual problems.

Unfortunately this has a real knock on effect as the humour in "A Baby for Christmas" such as a scene where Blair meditaties ends up coming across as forced and not as funny as it probably was on paper. It also means that whilst you know come the end of "A Baby for Christmas" there will be some sort of touching, heart warming message it gets a bit arduous staying with the movie when it is going through all this forced comedy.

What this all boils down to is that "A Baby for Christmas" didn't quite do it for me and it is one of those Christmas movies which forces the humour to the point where it becomes a little too much like hard work.

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