A Star for Christmas (2012) starring Briana Evigan, Corey Sevier, Karissa Vacker, Brooke Burns, Jeremy Howard directed by Michael Feifer Movie Review

A Star for Christmas (2012)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Briana Evigan and Corey Sevier in A Star for Christmas (2012)

Cheese Frosted Christmas Cupkakes

Small town cupcake shop owner Cassie (Briana Evigan - Sorority Row) has just gone through a messy break-up when in walks the hunky Alex Gray (Corey Sevier - Gospel of Deceit). Looking familiar but unable to place him they fall for each other, that is until the paparazzi swoop in and suddenly it all becomes clear as her hunk is Alex Gray the big movie star who's in town to film an action movie version of "A Christmas Carol". The question is can a small town girl really go out with a big movie star especially when her ex takes exception to her dating a movie star and Alex's ex Skylar (Brooke Burns - Borderline Murder) is his co-star in the movie.

She's pretty, he's good looking, there is romance and cupcakes but not a lot else, oh there is the amusing idea of an action movie version of "A Christmas Carol". Now normally I can handle cheesy Christmas movies in fact at times I enjoy cheesy Christmas movies but "A Star for Christmas" is so exceptionally cheesy that it is almost unbearable. Everything about it from the Christmas soundtrack, those big fantasy romantic scenes to the comedy of Cassie's brother Zack being a slacker is so forced that it ends up being all about those cheesy moments and there are lots of them.

In fact the focus of "A Star for Christmas" is so dominated by the cheesy that the whole romantic storyline about Cassie and Alex ends up playing second fiddle. It also doesn't help that the romantic storyline is so uninspired that when it isn't being cheesy it has nothing to keep you entertained.

The only good thing about "A Star for Christmas" is the amusing idea of an action movie version of "A Christmas Carol". Unfortunately that part never gets the attention it deserves but maybe someone will take the idea and run with it one day.

What this all boils down to is that "A Star for Christmas" is hard work because it is so cheesy and the cheese is not just frosting it ends up the focus of the movie.

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