48 Christmas Wishes (2017) Maya Franzoi, Clara Kushnir, Madeline Leon, Liam MacDonald, Matt Schichter, Ethan Yang, Adam Crew Movie Review

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48 Christmas Wishes (2017)

The Christmas Wish Hunt

A trio of elves at the North Pole are playing catch with a sack of Christmas letters from the town of Minnedoza when it accidentally lands in the fire and before they can say "Oh No" it has gone up in a puff of smoke. The consequences of their accident is far reaching as if those letters and wishes are unanswered it will lead to the children becoming non believers. To try and save things two of the elves transport themselves to Minnedoza to try and collect the wishes directly from those who sent them. It leads them to the Williams' house where Blake (Liam MacDonald) loves Christmas but his older sister is grumpy as she still hasn't gotten over the death of their father despite their mum, Laura (Madeline Leon), doing her best to keep things going. Trouble is that whilst getting the children's wishes is not too difficult getting one which Laura wrote ends up a lot trickier.

With most of "48 Christmas Wishes" focusing on the elves, who are played by children, trying to recollect the wishes they lost what becomes quickly apparent is that this is a Christmas movie made for a younger audience. It mixes that corniness which you get from adults writing entertainment for young children with the innocence of adults writing for young children and to be blunt pretty much nothing in this mixture will really work as entertainment for adults.

Now as someone who realistically is on the down hill slope when it comes to life it has been a long time since I was the age when "48 Christmas Wishes" would have entertained but I do wonder whether some thing like this would still keep young audiences amused as there is some thing a little amateurish about the whole thing. Having said that, the set for Santa's mail room at the North Pole is good and despite this struggling to keep the adult me entertained there is something about its simplicity and innocence which is kind of likeable.

What this all boils down to is that if you have young children then maybe they might find the innocent adventure and humour in "48 Christmas Wishes" entertaining. But it certainly doesn't offer up much for those who are older.

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