12 Wishes of Christmas (2011) Elisa Donovan, Gabrielle Carteris, Fred Willard, David O'Donnell, Sarah Thompson, Michael Gross Movie Review

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Elisa Donovan in 12 Wishes of Christmas (2011)

Becareful What You Wish For

Life has started to get away from Laura (Elisa Donovan - The Dog Who Saved the Holidays); she is late for meetings, she is berated by her boss over a mistake and is in trouble when it is discovered she is keeping a dog in her apartment despite it being against the rules. It is on her friend's advice that Laura decides to visit a life coach and finds herself coming face to face with the Christmas loving Noel (Chonda Pierce - Christmas Land) who grants Laura 12 wishes. Sceptical about these "wishes" much to Laura's surprise what she starts asking for ends up coming true. But after flittering away wishes on wealth and clothes Laura gets a visit from Noel to remind her with just a few wishes left she needs to make them count when it comes to changing her life in a positive way. But when Laura has used up all her wishes she suddenly finds that she needs to fix some of the things she wished for.

I have lost track of how many Christmas movies I have reviewed this season but I can tell my love for these festive frivolities is starting to wane as 6 weeks ago if I had watched "12 Wishes of Christmas" I would have probably enjoyed it more than I do now. You see "12 Wishes of Christmas" is one of those made for TV Christmas movies which are all about the comedy with the romance and anything meaningful coming down the list when it comes to importance. Unfortunately the comedy is the sort of full on variety which comes from loud characters and unfortunately 87 minutes of this sort of comedy causes head aches before it comes close to going anywhere.

The thing is that once you get passed the forced comedy and of course the touch of romance, which seems obligatory in Christmas movies these days, "12 Wishes of Christmas" does have an interesting side as Laura learns that there are consequences of what she wishes for. As such some wishes end up not working out as well as Laura first thought and she finds herself having to make amends for some of the things she did. It is a nice side to the movie as it tries to give it some meaning but sadly it is a side which occasionally gets lost in all the comedy.

What this all boils down to is that "12 Wishes of Christmas" is a Christmas movie which wants to make you smile with a fun side and then touch you with a meaningful side. It almost works but some times the humour is too over powering and ends up spoiling the touching side.

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