Abducted (2016)

Abducted (2016)

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After her marriage failed, American, Caitlin Shaker (Kathleen Rose Perkins) met millionaire Colombian industrialist Javier Moreno (Kamar de los Reyes) who she married and who became stepfather to her daughter, moving to live in Colombia with him. But things go bad one night when their babysitter couldn't make it on time and so Caitlin and Javier head to a nearby restaurant for a business meeting with first Javier returning to check up on his stepdaughter and then Caitlin. But when Caitlin returns her daughter is not there and the local police after a short investigation arrest Javier for the suspected murder of his step-daughter. Alone in a foreign country and with the press turning on her for leaving her child alone in her room Caitlin sets about doing what ever it takes to find her daughter. ... Read Review

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