A Surrogate's Terror (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

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Unlike her sorority sisters Valerie (Cassie Steele) isn't in to partying but works hard at her studies, unfortunately her studies may come to nothing as her financial aid has been discontinued leaving her needing someway of paying for it. When a friend mentions there is good money in egg donation and surrogacy Valerie sees it as a way too solve all her problems. It leads her to becoming a surrogate for Sara (Siobhan Murphy) and Jameson Darlington (Christopher Jacot) who have found out that they can't have children, something which frustrates Jameson's mother Maureen (Mimi Kuzyk) who attempts to buy Sara off and have her leave her son. It leads to tensions between Jameson and his mother with her younger husband Charlie (Chris Bruno) coming up with a plan to remove the issue by arranging for Sara to have a fatal car accident except Jameson also dies in the crash. With Sara and Jameson dead the baby which Valerie is carrying should go to Sara's sister but there is no way Maureen is going to let her grandchild go to someone else and starts to manipulate the situation. ... Read Review