Motive, Manipulation & Murder

Kate Mansi in Unwanted Guest (2016)

With her parents away on business in Europe, college student, Amy (Kate Mansi), finds herself being invited by new friend, Christine (Valentina Novakovic), to spend Christmas with her and her mum as well as her new stepfather, Charles (Ted King). Seemingly timid and insecure it soon becomes apparent that Amy is anything but how she seems with her drugging Christine, arranging an accident for her mum and setting about seducing Christine's stepfather. Meanwhile Detective Parker (John Henry Richardson) is investigating the mysterious death at the college.

"Unwanted Guest" is one of those made for TV/ Lifetime movies which I am sure works best if you aren't already well versed in the world of the made for TV thriller because if you are familiar with these types of movie then all it offers is predictability and unsubtlety. As such what we watch is the timid Amy, with her hair tied back and big glasses, not only evolve in to a beauty but manipulate and hurt Christine as well as her family, and by hurt I mean kill if need be. As such a big part of the movie is how far will Amy go to get her own way, in that over the top "Single White Female" kind of way.

Valentina Novakovic in Unwanted Guest (2016)

The thing about "Unwanted Guest" is that we don't get told motive, all we get is after an opening which throws at us the murder crime scene which Det. Parker is investigating, we watch Amy turning psycho and manipulative. As such what we are meant to do whilst we watch Amy hurt and poison people is wonder why she is doing this. Of course come the end of the movie you will find out but truth... or will you.

Aside from motive, manipulation and murder the only other thing "Unwanted Guest" offers up is a good looking cast with Kate Mansi struggling to hide her attractiveness at the start of the movie behind over sized glasses and tied back hair. In fairness Mansi, Novakovic and Beth Littleford, who play's Christine's mum, all play their parts well, it's just their parts are so typical of the made for TV genre that they end up as forgettable as the movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Unwanted Guest" is just a typical made for TV thriller about an obsessed and dangerous woman. It is the sort of movie which works best for those not already familiar with made for TV thrillers but want something not too heavy or complicated to watch.

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