The Convenient Groom (2016)

The Convenient Groom (2016)

The Dr. & Mr. Wright

That's okay, everything in life is temporary, you just got to enjoy life's moments whilst you have them - Lucas

Vanessa Marcil and David Sutcliffe in The Convenient Groom (2016)

Dr. Kate Lawrence (Vanessa Marcil) is a video blogger who gives her female followers advice on meeting the right man and dating which with her own publicist believes that everything in her life is content for her blog. It is something fiance Bryan (Aaron Craven) can't stand and on the day Kate plans to announce her engagement to her fans Bryan dumps her having met someone else. That's when former High School friend and handyman Lucas (David Sutcliffe) steps in to save her embarrassment of having to tell everyone her advice doesn't work. For Lucas it is a dream come true as he has always had a crush on Kate since they were at school together but Kate isn't interested in him romantically and only keeps up the pretence to secure a book deal. But between her feelings of guilt over lying to her followers to Bryan's new girlfriend threatening to expose her as a fraud Kate finds herself taking a long hard look at life and her real feelings.

As someone who slaves away making their living on line let me tell you a couple of things, one it is certainly not as simple as is shown in "The Convenient Groom". The second is as someone who makes their living online I have actually met some people like Kate, who not only think everything in their life is worth blogging about but also that their advice on everything is gold. And yes some of those people are as annoying as initially the character of Kate comes across in "The Convenient Groom" and that is unusual because you don't usually get this level of annoying character in a Hallmark movie.

Anyway that is a problem with "The Convenient Groom" because it is initially hard to get into even taking in to account it is a Hallmark movie. But being a Hallmark movie it is also inevitable when it comes to how this is going to play out. But, and I am glad we have a but, the road to romance in "The Convenient Groom" is up and down and whilst inevitable is not identical to other Hallmark movies. Plus a certain character evolves and thank God that they do as initially they are extremely harsh

What this all boils down to is that "The Convenient Groom" has its problems, it also has its predictable Hallmark nature. But it also has is some ideas and variations to the norm which keeps it interesting even when a character ends up grating on you.

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