Little Blue Men

Escape from Planet Earth (2013)

On the planet Baab astronaut Scorch Supernova is a national hero thanks to the daring and dangerous missions he goes on, escaping the seemingly impossible. But truth be told Scorch's success is as much down to his brother Gary who works at BASA, mission control. Of course like most brothers Scorch and Gary bicker and fall out which is not good when Scorch goes on a mission to Earth and ends up trapped there.

It's a strange thing but then it comes to animations I can usually gauge my feelings to them within the first few minutes with few modern animated movies managing to capture my attention. Sadly "Escape from Planet Earth" was not one of the few as with its storyline of a more geeky alien having to save the hero it is all kind of familiar. In fact with Brendan Fraser cast as the voice of Scorch it ends up feeling all the more familiar with Scorch wise cracking his way through danger as if he was escaping from some ancient Egyptian curse.

But of course as a forty something I am not technically who "Escape from Planet Earth" is made for especially as some of the humour aimed to entertain adults comes up way short of the mark. As such I wouldn't be surprised if those who are not yet teens would find this entertaining as it is full of colourful, quirky characters and enough modern references to make them smile. On top of that the animation is slick and once scene seems to sprint on to the next making it movie which rarely stops for you to take breath.

What this all boils down to is that "Escape from Planet Earth" is another 21st century animation which will probably entertain younger audiences but not offering enough entertainment for grown ups to make it a movie for all generations.

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