A German Horror Show

Demons (1985)

At a train station in Germany a strange looking man hands out tickets to a random selection of people to attend a picture house for the screening of a new horror movie. But at the cinema life starts imitating art as one by one the audience find themselves becoming victims of a demon, turning them in the process and with no way to get out it is a battle of survival.

Let me get straight to the point. If you are a fan of 80's horror gore, the sort of thing where you watch eyes being gouged, throats being ripped and all other sorts of blood spurting antics then there is a chance you would enjoy "Demons". That is the selling point to this movie as it revels in the sort of fake but graphic horror you could find in European made horror movies during the 80s but not in what was coming out of Hollywood at the time. And to be brutally honest, despite the fact that "Demons" is 99% all about the fake gore and special effects it is surprisingly entertaining even if you are not a major fan of that sort of thing.

The thing is that when you look beyond the fake gore there is little else to "Demons" as the whole aspect of the horror in the cinema imitating that on the screen is purely a gimmick which quickly gets forgotten about. And then you have the characters, a bunch that you never really get to know as they are just there to die and the acting is at times so bad you kind of hope they die quickly.

What this all boils down to is that "Demons" will have its fans especially in those who enjoy the horror gore of 80s European horror movies. But beyond the gore and the special effects this movie has very little else to entertain you with.

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