Cup of Love (2016)

Cup of Love (2016)





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Cup of Love (2016)

Zoe Walker (Anna Hutchison) is a food scientist for Star Kreme and having designed a new flavour her boss sends her on a mission to Colombia to find a coffee bean supply with a back story which they can use to sell to millenials With the promise of her own lab Zoe finds herself heading up to the hard to reach village of Salento where Diego Valdez (Nikolás Rincón) runs The Dancing Goat Coffee Plantation, a grower of stunning coffee beans. Diego is not over keen on doing business with Zoe as she works for an uncaring multi-national company. But as Zoe spends time with Diego and helps with the final harvest the two of them find themselves sharing chemistry

Let me describe a couple of scenes from "Cup of Love" to you. The first scene sees Zoe trying to get to the remote village where she is told some coffee beans come from. Of course Zoe is inappropraitely dressed for a hike up a mountain where the path is mud and the bridges are narrow. And wouldn't you believe it she drops her phone onto some leaves in a river and goes chasing after it. Hopefully that scene gives you an idea of what to expect from "Cup of Love" but if not you then have the initial meeting between Zoe and Diego and of course they don't see eye to eye initially.

With those couple of scenes described I am sure you can tell what sort of light entertainment "Cup of Love" is and I should add to that there is a former girlfriend of Diego's on the scene to cause trouble as it becomes clear that Diego and Zoe are falling for each other. The trouble with "Cup of Love" is that is one of those movies which don't appreciate the appeal of subtlety and so many of the scenes rather than being amusing end up being cheesy.

What this all boils down to is that "Cup of Love" doesn't quite work as well as it could have and ends up bordering on the cheesy due to it treating a familiar set up in a less than subtle way.

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