Bringing Up Bobby (2009)

Bringing Up Bobby (2009)

Don't Bring it Up

Bringing Up Bobby (2009)

Since his parents passed away twelve years ago James (Marc Thompson) has acted as a surrogate parent to his younger siblings which don't help much when it comes to getting a date. But now that the youngest of his siblings, Bobby (Alex Hinsky), has turned sixteen the reading of the will is going to take place. For their brother Dennis (Brian Morvant) he is hoping for a sizable chunk of cash as he needs to keep the anarchists at bay whilst their sister Andrea (Reagan Kendrick) wants more than her share. But for Bobby his faith comes in to play when it comes to what is important.

This review is going to be short and I won't apologise for it as this movie doesn't require a great deal to be written about it. To put it simply "Bringing Up Bobby" is a mess, a serious mess and it makes it an incredibly painful experience even for the most forgiving of reviewers. Behind a lot of odd comedy which is not funny, other than I imagine to those who appear in the movie, there is an attempt at delivering a Christian message which sadly gets lost in the chaos of the movie and ridiculously stupid characters.

What this all boils down to is that "Bringing Up Bobby" is probably entertaining for those who were involved in it but for those on the outside looking in this movie really doesn't work and ends up incredibly messy and to be honest way too stupid in places, and that is a not funny stupid.

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