Rena Sofer and Dean McDermott in Always and Forever (2009)

Back to You and Me Once More

It was 80s and Grace and Michael were inseparable, high school seniors who thought that they would be together forever. Well forever ended when college arrived as they went their own ways. Now, 20 years later and Grace (Rena Sofer) having returned to her home town runs her own design firm whilst Michael (Dean McDermott) is a project manager for a construction company who happens to be back in his hometown to deal with a new hotel building just as their high school reunion is going on. What neither know is that it is Grace's company who is doing the design work on the new hotel building. Thrown together at the same time that both their assistants also get close Grace and Michael try to deny they still have feelings for each other especially as Grace is dating someone, someone who her son doesn't like.

Sometimes I question why I review Hallmark movies, they act seems like a definition in futility because anyone who would choose to watch one will know how a movie is going to play out even before they watch. And "Always and Forever" is no different as we are in that "Back to You and Me" territory where high school sweethearts end up in their hometown at the same time and of course there is still a spark between them. But of course there are bumps in the road from a boyfriend to careers as well as interfering family members from a mum who likes the current boyfriend whilst the son isn't keen on him. Everything in "Always and Forever" is typical and I can't find one thing to tell you which would be a change to the normal.

What this means is that "Always and Forever" relies heavily on the appeal factor of Rena Sofer and Dean McDermott and the good news is that both Sofer and McDermott have a certain appeal. The thing is that whilst each of them bring a certain appeal to the movie they don't have the sort of onscreen chemistry to make the characters pop and basically get us behind them.

What this all boils down to is that "Always and Forever" is simply a routine Hallmark romantic comedy, a pleasant distraction but with nothing in the way of surprises.