Abominable Christmas (2012)

Abominable Christmas (2012)

More Adorable Than Abominable

Abominable Christmas (2012) (aka: A Monster Christmas)

Christmas is coming and Abby and Adam, the children of a peace loving Abominable Snowman are showing more and more interest in the humans they watch from a far. Having once been spotted by a scientist who keeps on returning to capture him, the Abominable Snowman tries to deter his children from being too inquisitive. But children will be children and after spotting the scientist flee to a nearby village where they pretend to be dogs so that a family take them in. With their father trying to find them as well as the scientist, humans and abominable snow-people are going to have to work together.

At a guess I would say that I am at least 35 years too old for "Abominable Christmas" as this comes across like a movie made for the under age 8 group. There are these cute characters who are simply but effectively animated and there is this simple, charming storyline of two abominable kids and their father trying to stay out of the clutches of a scientist and a dog catcher, I left out the word nasty as they are not that nasty. It is that simple and it certainly won't keep the attention of everyone who is old enough to drive who find themselves watching.

But there is strangely something quite refreshing about the innocence and simplicity on show in "Abominable Christmas" and I smiled more watching this than I have done at most animations I have watched this year. In fact whilst the animations were not the greatest the cuteness of the characters and the familiar voices of various actors all helps to make this more fun than you might be anticipating.

What this all boils down to is that if you are looking for a stocking filler for a young child "Abominable Christmas" wouldn't be a bad buy. In fact if you yearn for innocent fun this might brings a smile to your face as well.

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