A Merry Little Christmas (2006)

A Merry Little Christmas (2006)

Christmas Home Video

A Merry Little Christmas (2006) (aka: The Town that Cancelled Christmas / The Town that Banned Christmas)

Having just moved into their new home in Greenlawn, writer Norbert Bridges (Matt McCoy) spots the perfect opportunity to study his neighbours for his new book by getting involved in the annual Christmas decorating rivalry. Some of the neighbours try to warn Norbert not to get involved because Donnie Manning (Adam Ferrara) is the king of Christmas and always wins the decorating competition because he has a win at all costs attitude. Things start to spiral out of control as the rivalry gets too much with Donnie going all out to beat everyone so Norbert and Donnie's wives try to stop all the nonsense.

I am going to keep this really short, don't bother with "A Merry Little Christmas" or "The Town that Cancelled Christmas" as it is packaged here in the UK or "The Town that Banned Christmas" as it is also known as it is utterly terrible. In fact this movie doesn't even feel like a movie, it feels like a group of actors got together to make a home movie version of a story a friend wrote in the hope that some studio would see the potential and commission a proper movie to be made. If you don't believe me then go ahead and watch it but "A Merry Little Christmas" is a movie which has the look of being filmed using home video cameras and has the a really cheap looking production right from the opening credits. The look is not the only problem as the writing and in particular the humour is also lacking and I do mean seriously lacking. And as for the acting well you might recognize some names such as Matt McCoy, Jane Sibbett and Adam Ferrara but don't be duped into thinking that this will be anything like what you might have seen them in before as it isn't.

What this all boils down to is that "A Merry Little Christmas" is simply poor and sort of made me think of "Be Kind Rewind" thanks to its low budget, home movie look.

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