Not a Good Movie

A Good Man (2014) Steven Seagal

Following a mission went bad, Alexander (Steven Seagal) retires from special ops and seeks out living a quiet life, taking a job as a handy man in a housing block in Romania. But he finds his old training called in to use when a family who lives in one of the blocks finds themselves having difficulties with a local gangster, but it leads him to coming face to face with an old enemy from his past.

So first things first and in "A Good Man" they have dragged out the old retired fight expert storyline who when he takes pity on a family who are in trouble gets to use his old skills once again. It is such an old theme that whilst not bad it doesn't offer much in the way of surprises. But then tie it in with the retired expert getting a chance to put right and get even with the old enemy who lead to the end of his career and again it is such an often used storyline that "A Good Man" becomes all about Steven Seagal delivering action.

But that is a problem as this is one of those movies which feels like it was made and then Steven Seagal's part was added after through clever editing so whilst it may seem like he is acting with others you rarely actually see Seagal alongside the other actors and when you do it is always from behind and far away which screams to me body double. And then we have the action and again many times we see a punch being thrown we don't see Seagal actually throwing it and when he is involved in the action it lacks fluidity and ends up very staged.

What this all boils down to is that "A Good Man" is not only a familiar movie but one which is poor due to it being made in such a way that it feels like Seagal's parts were added after the movie was finished. In truth there is more fun to be had from picking this movie to bits that there is from actually watching it and hoping to enjoy it.

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