Chabert's in Silver Falls

Lacey Chabert in A Christmas Melody (2015)

Life didn't quite go as planned for Kristin (Lacey Chabert); she ended up a single mum, had to close her clothes boutique and unable to afford to live in LA she returns to Silver Falls, her home town with her daughter Emily (Fina Strazza) to live in her parent's former home near to her aunt Sarah (Kathy Najimy). Small town life is very different to what they are both use to in the city and for Kristin there is Melissa (Mariah Carey), her old high school rival who not only is the head of the PTA but hasn't changed much as she is still catty, competitive and controlling. Plus there is music teacher Danny (Brennan Elliott) who like every guy at high school carried a torch for Kristin and is still sweet on her. Although there is also the mysterious, white bearded school janitor (Kevin Chamberlin) who always has a kind word.

You had me at Lacey Chabert. I know, as a movie reviewer I should be impartial to who appears in a movie but having had a crush on Lacey Chabert for far too many years when ever she appears in a movie I tend to enjoy it. And so that brings me to "A Christmas Melody" a Hallmark Christmas movie which features Chabert as a single mum with a young daughter who returns to her hometown. Yes that sounds as stereotypical as it really is right down to the fact there is of course that guy who was at high school with her and who of course still has a thing for her and who of course keeps on showing up such as when Kristin and daughter are Christmas Tree shipping.

The thing is that whilst there is more to "A Christmas Melody" than just this as we also have the catty Melissa as the old rival who likes to think of herself as the local queen b. But in truth this is for the most an extremely stereotypical Hallmark Christmas although this one features what has to be one of the most forced scenes of product placement you will ever come across with a scene where Kristin pours a cup of coffee and the only other thing in the scene is a container of Folger's Coffee.

What this all boils down to is that "A Christmas Melody" is nothing more and nothing less than your stereotypical Hallmark Christmas movie. For some that will sound like a nightmare whilst for others it will put a smile on their face, for me it was entertaining but forgettable.

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