Movie Trailer for The Perfect Marriage (2006) starring Jamie Luner, William R. Moses, James Wilder, Sophie Gendron, Lawrence Dane, Lisa Langlois, Sabine Karsenti directed by Douglas Jackson Movie Review

The Perfect Marriage (2006)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Trailer for The Perfect Marriage

4 yeas after murdering her husband with her then lover Brent (James Wilder), Annie Grayson (Jamie Luner) has become Marrianne Danforth, married to Richard (William R. Moses - Emma's Wish) who along with his father run a very successful business and are well off. But at a charity fundraiser Brent re-enters her life and whilst saying she is happy he suggests otherwise. Together they plan to first bump of Richard's rich father and then Richard. But Richard's assistant Carrie (Lisa Langlois) becomes suspicious of Marianne when she discovers that she has been lying to Richard as to where she has been. ... Read Review