Movie Trailer for For the Boys (1991) starring Bette Midler, James Caan, George Segal, Patrick O'Neal, Christopher Rydell, Arye Gross, Norman Fell, Rosemary Murphy, Bud Yorkin directed by Mark Rydell Movie Review

For the Boys (1991)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for For the Boys

Dixie Leonard (Bette Midler - Beaches) is a singer in an unknown all women's trio, when she gets the opportunity to travel overseas and appear in a USO Christmas special for the American troops during World War II. When she lands in England she is quickly rushed onto the stage to appear with legendary song and dance man, Eddie Sparks (James Caan - El Dorado). She completely steals the show with her beautiful singing and risqu responses to Eddie's comments. Their on stage chemistry makes them an immediate hit, but off stage they couldn't stand each other. So starts a love hate partnership which see Sparks and Leonard reach the top of their profession with radio performances, their own TV show and more entertaining of the troops during the wars through to Vietnam, at times breaking up the act due to their mutual hatred of each other. ... Read Review