Movie Trailer for A Family Thanksgiving (2010) Daphne Zuniga, Dan Payne, Gina Holden, Kennedi Clements Movie Review

A Family Thanksgiving (2010)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for A Family Thanksgiving

Claudia (Daphne Zuniga) has worked hard to prove herself in the law world, graduating at the top of her class at Harvard Law School and is now aiming to be the first female partner at the law firm she works for. As such she does not have time to make an apple pie for the family Thanksgiving her homemaker sister is arranging and anyway she probably won't be there as the day after Thanksgiving she has a huge court case over getting an injunction on an enormous development over turned and expects all her staff to work Thanksgiving. But then the mysterious Gina (Faye Dunaway) shows up in her office who takes her to a parallel universe where she is a happily married soccer mom. Initially perplexed by being a family woman she finds herself becoming charmed by this different life, falling for her husband and so on. But when Gina takes her back to her own world Claudia faces a big decision. ... Read Review