Vows of Deceit (2018) (aka: Deadly Matrimony | He Loved Them All) Katherine Bailess, Damon Dayoub, Ali Cobrin, Tiffany Hines, Wil Traval, Jim Klock, Keeley Hazell, Nicholas Waters, Terri Ivens Movie Review

Vows of Deceit (2018)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Katherine Bailess in Vows of Deceit (2018) (aka: Deadly Matrimony | He Loved Them All)

Vows of Deadly Love

Sara Ross (Katherine Bailess), a lawyer, hasn't known Leo (Damon Dayoub - Monolith) for that long but after he proposes she not only says yes but they quickly get married. Her close friends are concerned that she is marrying a guy she barely knows but being the dutiful friends keep quiet. But a few days after their wedding Sara discovers that not only has her bank account been emptied but Leo has bought a plane ticket, events which lead to her friends questioning whether Leo is a conman and is the one who has stolen all of Sara's money. But then Sara meets Melinda (Tiffany Hines - Bound & Babysitting) who tells her that Leo is in fact Sam and he is her husband. But will she believe her?

I often come across the same made for TV movie but with a different name and I often thought it was just to appeal to audiences in different countries but now I am not sure. You see "Vows of Deceit" is also known as "Deadly Matrimony" and "He Loved Them All" and I am beginning to wonder whether the name changes are more to do with it being a poor movie and so we have the alternative names to try and con audiences into watching thinking they have never see it before.

Damon Dayoub in Vows of Deceit (2018) (aka: Deadly Matrimony | He Loved Them All)

Now you may be wondering what is wrong with "Vows of Deceit" and let me ask you whether you have seen one of those teen movies where you have a group of girls who start every sentence with the word "So", "So Awesome", "So Super", and so on. Well it seems that the writers of that sort of dialogue are now writing Lifetime movies and so we have not only that annoying dialogue but adult versions of those characters, well I say adult but in truth these characters in "Vows of Deceit" are so dumb and so annoying that this is one of those rare made for TV movies where it was too much even for me. And these characters are so poor that you don't care as to whether or not Leo is a serial con husband or whether Melinda is a con artist or even if there is some thing else going on.

What this all boils down to is that "Vows of Deceit" is not just a weak made for TV movie but weaker than normal which makes it a very difficult movie to watch especially with a collection of annoying characters.