The Wrong Student (2017) Jessica Morris, Evanne Friedmann, Jason-Shane Scott, Kennedy Tucker, Vivica A. Fox, William McNamara, Ryan Moore, Helene Udy Movie Review

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Evanne Friedmann in The Wrong Student (2017)

Not the Perfect Student

Following the death of her parents, in a car crash, Amber Halligan (Kennedy Tucker) has gone to live with her Aunt Kelly (Jessica Morris - The Wrong Roommate) who has relocated from New York to California where she runs her own digital media company with the help of Gibson (Vivica A. Fox - The Wrong Crush). With Amber a keen soccer player Kelly heads to watch her at try-outs which is where she meets the handsome Dominic (Jason-Shane Scott - Deadly Exchange), a former professional soccer player who after suffering an injury is now the school soccer coach. The thing is that whilst Dominic and Kelly hit it off and start dating Dominic has a teenage crush to deal with as eighteen year-old Maddie (Evanne Friedmann) is obsessed with him and is not happy when she discovers that he has started dating Kelly.

It seems that when it comes to Lifetime movies they have done using "The Perfect ..." in their titles and have moved up to the alphabet and now use "The Wrong ..." to prefix their movie titles. The thing is that whilst the titles have changed the storylines haven't and as such with "The Wrong Student" we once again have an obsessed teenager who has dangerously strong feelings for a teacher and will do anything to protect him whilst protecting what she thinks she has with him. What that means is when we watch Maddie observing the head of sports at the school having a go at her beloved Dominic you can bet she has some evil scheme coming together in her unhinged mind to get rid of her.

Jessica Morris in The Wrong Student (2017)

What this means is that with Kelly ending up getting close to Dominic you can bet some thing is going to go down, the question is what? Well I won't tell you what happens in "The Wrong Student" but as we have Kelly being guardian to her niece you can bet some how the niece is going to end up in danger. I could go on but "The Wrong Student" is nothing more than your typical Lifetime movie with an emotionally unstable student infatuated with a teacher and capable of murder to try and make her fantasy reality. The only difference is that whilst some of the stars have been in other "The Wrong ..." movies they are a younger generation for a newer audience of Lifetime movie fans who might have not watched all those "The Perfect ..." movies.

What this all boils down to is that "The Wrong Student" is simply your stereotypical Lifetime movie with a storyline which feels like it has been done before but here done with a newer cast to appeal to a newer, younger audience. In truth it isn't bad but it fails to stand out from the crowd in any way and like so many of these movies it is forgettable.