The Santa Con (2014) Barry Watson, Melissa Sagemiller, Scott Grimes, Melissa Joan Hart, Jaleel White, Movie Review

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Barry Watson and Melissa Joan Hart in The Santa Con (2014)

Christmas Promises

Reluctantly Rose DeMarco (Melissa Joan Hart) agrees to let her recently released con artist brother Nick (Barry Watson) come and stay with her on his release from prison and even finds him a temporary job as a mall Santa. It is as a mall Santa and whilst thinking about clocking off that he unwittingly promises a young child that Santa will get his parents back together by Christmas. Feeling guilty Nick decides to use his old con habits to wheedle his way in to the child's mum's life to try and find a way of getting her and her estranged husband back together which becomes complicated when he grows fond of her himself.

Well "The Santa Con" has a few familiar faces such as Scott Grimes and Melissa Joan Hart who as well as being in front of the camera also steps behind it as the director. These familiar faces and a few unfamiliar ones do a pleasant enough job of making this Christmas movie easy on the eyes and Hart's directing is solid and uncomplicated which contributes to the ease watching nature of the movie. Add to that ease of watching is the simple enough storyline which sees a former convict trying to do some good but finding himself becoming a little too involved with his feelings for a mother complicating things.

The thing is that all this ease of watching doesn't make "The Santa Con" anything more than just a charming distraction. In fact it is the sort of movie I would expect to crop up on the daytime TV schedule in late November and December. And there is nothing wrong with that as it is the sort of Christmas movie which is perfect for the sort of audience who might see that it features Melissa Joan Hart or Scott Grimes and watch because of them.

What this all boils down to is that "The Santa Con" is just an okay Christmas movie and the sort of movie which whilst not being overly Christmassy is okay early on in the festive season as a way of easing you in to the holiday spirit.

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