The Deep (2012) Movie Review

The Deep (2012)   4/54/54/54/54/5

The Deep (2012)

Sea Gulli

Gulli (?lafur Darri ?lafsson) joins up with the crew and the new cook upon the fishing trawler to head out for another long trip. But things don't go to plan when a caught line ends up dragging the ship down with some of the crew killed. Clinging to the hull the three survivors decide to try and swim for land but two die leaving Gulli on his own in the freezing water with just the gulls to keep him company. After 6 hours of swimming and floating, bargaining with God with more time and begging forgiveness of the gulls Gulli reaches land and a 2 hour walk across volcanic rock till he reaches a home. But whilst Gulli finds himself dealing with the loss of his friends he also finds himself helping researchers as his being able to survive at sea for 6 hours is unique.

In the Tom Hanks movie "Cast Away" we see how Chuck Noland survives on an island, talking to an inanimate object and find away to keep going. In a way part of "The Deep" is the same as we watch Gulli in the freezing sea for hours where he talks to the gulls and thinks about what he would do if he could have just one more day to do things right. But we also see how when he reaches land he has to climb a rock face, walk barefoot across the killer volcanic rocks which fill his path. All of which is entertaining but also makes you think as this is based on a true story with scenes of the real Gulli appearing during the end credits.

But what you also get in "The Deep" is a look at what came next for Gulli has he had to deal with the loss of his friends, seeing their loved ones, the speculation that what he said was incorrect as no one had survived in the sea for that long. But we also see how not only did he receive unwanted fame but ended up a guinea pig for the scientists trying to understand how he managed to survive in the freezing sea.

All of which is simply captivating with great visuals and an absolutely fantastic performance from ?lafur Darri ?lafsson who not only looks like the Gulli we see in the final credits but brings to life the story in this wonderful everyman sort of way. He plays Gulli in such an assuming manner that even when part of your attention is on the subtitles you can't but help warm to this easy going guy of few words.

What this all boils down to is that "The Deep" is an incredibly engaging drama which brings to life the true story of an amazing tale of survival and what followed.