Terror in the Shadows (1995) starring Genie Francis, Leigh McCloskey, Victoria Wyndham, Mark D. Espinoza directed by William A. Graham Movie Review

Terror in the Shadows (1995)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Genie Francis in Terror in the Shadows (1995)

Terror and the Cradle

Christine (Marcy Walker) had given up her child for adoption but when she decided to go looking for him having decided her baby had been stolen she ends up finding Alex (Leigh McCloskey) and murdering his wife and the baby which they had adopted. Now 5 years later and Christine has escaped from a secure mental institution and is looking for Alex to finish the job. Meanwhile Alex has met and settled down with Sarah (Genie Francis) and her son from a previous relationship. But Christine is in no hurry to get revenge and hides out in the basement of Sarah and Alex's home whilst also finding work at the coffee shop which Sarah runs.

So here we go with another made for TV movie which is doing "The Hand That Rocked the Cradle" thing with a psycho seeking insane revenge on someone and in no hurry to inflict that revenge but preferring to doing some stalking to start with. I have no objection with that as movies about psycho women can be entertaining especially when it comes to how depraved they will get in their search for revenge. But unfortunately "Terror in the Shadows" is only average at best and fails to really bring the psychotic side of the movie to life.

Marcy Walker in Terror in the Shadows (1995)

The trouble with "Terror in the Shadows" is that it fails to get you on the edge of your seat, when Sarah goes to explore a noise from outside it doesn't get us on edge. Unfortunately without the atmosphere some of Christine's antics are so ridiculous that it is laughable as is a scene where the kids in a playground see Christine and comment that she could be a serial killer.

I would love to say that there was something great about "Terror in the Shadows" but it is as I said at best average thanks to a lot of cliche such as Victoria Wyndham as Sarah's friend Kay as you know this character is going to end up suspicious and end up worse off. About the only good thing is Marcy Walker's performance as Christine as at least she has an interesting character to play even if the way Christine is written is cliche.

What this all boils down to is that "Terror in the Shadows" is just another psycho woman movie and sadly it only ever hits average at best. There are some plus points such as Marcy Walker's performance but more negatives with things ending up a bit ridiculous.