Termination Point (2007) starring Jason Priestley, Lou Diamond Phillips, Garwin Sanford, Gary Hudson, Stefanie von Pfetten, Erin Karpluk directed by Jason Bourque Movie Review

Termination Point (2007)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jason Priestley in Termination Point (2007)

Another Point Another Time

Let's be honest there is a certain type of movie that you watch not out of expectation of something great but in the hope it will be entertaining for being cheesy. "Termination Point" is exactly that sort of movie, an action/sci-fi combo which looks low budget even before you watch and you almost get a sense that it knows what it is and embraces the cheesy side whilst not over doing it and becoming a spoof. Yes for those who watch because they read "Termination Point" is a time-travel themed movie are going to be disappointed by the nonsense but for everyone else it ends up entertaining nonsense.

When scientist Dr. Daniel Winter (Lou Diamond Phillips - Murder at the Presidio) goes on the run because he feels that his time travel experiment is too dangerous for government interference agent Caleb Smith (Jason Priestley - The Reality of Love) is put on the case of tracking him down. Aware that Caleb is the man charged with capturing him Winter boards the same plane which Caleb's wife and daughter are on making it a personal endeavour to track him down. The only trouble is how do you catch a man with the ability to bend time.

Erin Karpluk in Termination Point (2007)

I actually like "Termination Point" because as I said it seems to know what it is and embraces the utter daftness of it all. What that means is that we have Jason Priestley in a bad shirt spewing out some seriously cheesy lines whilst whether intentionally or not over acting to making his emoting amusing. Amusing is also the same when it comes to Lou Diamond Phillips cast in the role of a scientist something which you wouldn't naturally do and as such either intentionally or not ends up amusing.

But what makes "Termination Point" is the fun it has with time travel as an event sees Caleb believing the plane with his family were on has been blown out of the skies but when he gets to the crash site he learns the plane crashed 24 hours earlier which messes with his melon. Yes this means that basically the writers can twist things which ever way they want which makes for far fetched sci-fi but a lot of fun from Caleb trying to save the day to the almost hostage like situation of the plane ending up in another dimension. And what we get a lot of is some typically weak TV movie special effects and Jason Priestley doing his take on Jack Bauer as he runs around with a gun in his hand trying to save the day.

What this all boils down to is that "Termination Point" is by no means a good movie but for those who enjoy corny action, sci-fi combos it still remains entertaining.