She Made Them Do It (2013) Jenna Dewan Tatum, Mackenzie Phillips, Steve Bacic, John Walsh Movie Review

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Jenna Dewan Tatum in She Made Them Do It (2013)

The Manipulator

Sarah Jo Pender (Jenna Dewan-Tatum - Love Lies Bleeding), a student, is tired of her roommates, especially when she discovers they have taken her college money to use for drugs. Angered by their latest antics Sarah heads out only to return to find them murdered and her boyfriend, Rick (Greyston Holt), covered in blood having killed them himself. That is what she tells the police after they are both arrested following the discovery of the bodies after they dumped them. But it doesn't wash and Sarah is sentenced for her involvement in the murders with the police believing she manipulated Rick in to doing it. Still proclaiming her innocence Sarah finds her appeals falling on death ears but with the help of a prison guard, as well as a former prisoner, she manages to escape and go on the run. It leads to Marshall Sean Harlan (Steve Bacic - Profile for Murder) turning to the TV show America's Most Wanted to try and track her down.

"She Made Them Do It" is another addition to the growing list of made for TV movies which dramatize a true crime story, this one involves Sarah Jo Pender who was labelled a "Female Charles Manson" as she reportedly manipulated her boyfriend in to doing her dirty work for her and killing her roommates. The thing is that whilst there are some graphic scenes surrounding the murder "She Made Them Do It" is not about whether or not Sarah Pender is guilty but an examination of her character when she escapes from prison, and as such if you believe she is innocent then it might feel like an assassination of her character.

Steve Bacic in She Made Them Do It (2013)

What that means is that "She Made Them Do It" focuses upon is Sarah's time in prison, her various appeals as well as her escape as she avoids the Marshal hunting her down. But whilst these make up the storyline what you actually get is this look at Sarah as she befriends her fellow female prisoners, manipulates them with little touches and uses her sexuality to get them to help her. And it isn't just the prisoners who fall for her charms as we see how she also seduces a prison guard, doing whatever she needs to get what she wants. As such by the time "She Made Them Do It" comes to an end you will have no doubt that the Sarah portrayed in this movie is a cunning woman able to seduce and charm anyone in to helping her, being as sweet as an angel one minute but turning nasty the next.

What certainly helps "She Made Them Do It" is the casting of Jenna Dewan Tatum as she does a brilliant job of playing Sarah like a version of a High School bitch, the sort of girl who knows she is sexy and knows she can use it to get her way. But Jenna also makes Sarah the sort of woman so desperate that she is willing to do anything, not showing that desperation getting to her but instead using it to motivate her evil actions.

What this all boils down to is that "She Made Them Do It" is an interesting look at Sarah Jo Pender rather than the double murder which she was convicted of being involved in. And by the time "She Made Them Do It" ends you will believe she was exceptionally devious and masterful at manipulating others.