Rapid Fire (2006) starring David Cubitt, Kristin Lehman, Jessica Steen, Brendan Fletcher, Vincent Gale, Zak Santiago, Katharine Isabelle directed by Kari Skogland Movie Review

Rapid Fire (2006)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jason Gedrick in Rapid Fire (2006)

Slow Action

When 4 heavily armed men in masks storm a bank one of the tellers manages to sound the silent alarm leading to the police arriving. What follows is a bloody and long chase as the police pursue the robbers with fatalities involving the robbers and the police.

I've kept that synopsis unbelievably short for two reasons; firstly "Rapid Fire" in based upon the Norco shootout which happened in Norco, California on the 9th May 1980 and the true story is easy to be found online. And secondly if I go in to the detail of what happens during the following police chase and shootouts I would basically make it pointless to watch. What I will say is that whilst based upon the true story it alters the facts and so is not a 100% authentic dramatization of what happened.

There is another thing I will say and that is director Kari Skogland does the before the event thing as we meet various characters who will be involved in some form or another especially cop Tony, played by Jason Gedrick, as we follow him around for a few days before the actual event, seeing him dealing with a known drug pusher and also playing cards with friends as well as asking out Linda, played by Jessica Steen. The intention is clear and that is to show those involved, especially those who were on the side of right to be every day guys and girls but unfortunately it makes for quite a dull first half which due to a low budget look struggles to keep hold of your attention.

Of course this all builds to the actual action and whilst some of it feels unbelievable as it tries to make it overly spectacular at least it is more involving than the first half which I forgot to mention also features nudity and almost a shower sex scene which really feels thrown in to titillate the audience.

What this all boils down to is that "Rapid Fire" ends up far too often weak and un-involving which is a shame as I am sure the true story on which it is based is a lot more exciting and emotional than the one shown.