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Pretty Little Addict (2016)

Revenge Addiction

When Jennifer Phillips' (Andrea Bowen) father dies it hits her hard and she starts drinking heavily. It is after drinking heavily at a party that she gets in her car and ends up driving in to Colin Brown (Keenan Tracey), a track star with a promising future. But that future is over as it looks like Colin may never walk again and for Jennifer it means a spell in rehab whilst for her mum she finds herself being sued by Colin's parents. The injustice hits Colin's older brother Alex (Scott Lyster) hard and sets about getting revenge for his kid brother.

Either those behind "Pretty Little Addict" didn't think things through or they did and did so with an intention of provoking a response from the audience because even outrage can generate bigger viewing numbers. What I mean is that on one hand we have Jennifer who whilst drunk causes a major injury and then you have Alex, who is trouble and plans to get revenge for what happened to his brother. Who do you sympathise with? The pretty girl who is drinking because her father died or Alex, who drinks and has issues with his own father who jumps at the chance at putting him down for his failings.

And do you know what, that set up is really frustrating because beyond that initial issues there is some good writing. The whole set up of Alex having to deal with his father's constant disappointment in him stoking the fire of anger he already has is good. Whilst the development of Jennifer's character when she heads to rehab is equally good. Okay it has to be said that Alex's cunning plan to get revenge is a little shall we say convoluted but truth be told if it wasn't convoluted "Pretty Little Addict" would be on the tedious side.

What this all boils down to is that "Pretty Little Addict" has its issues, pretty normal for a made for TV thriller. But it also has some good character writing which makes it kind of frustrating that some good ideas end up kind of wasted in a routine, far fetcher thriller.