Law of the Lash (1947) Lash La Rue, Al St. John, Lee Roberts, Mary Scott, Jack O'Shea Movie Review

Law of the Lash (1947)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Law of the Lash (1947)

Not on this Lash

There's trouble in town, not that there is much of a town left as many of the folks have been packing up and leaving due to some outlaws shooting up the place with no one brave enough to stop them. But that all changes when Cheyenne Davis (Lash La Rue) and his friend Fuzzy (Al St. John) arrive in the area as they set about cleaning up the place and getting to the bottom of who is behind things.

So we switch out the hero of the piece and have Lash La Rue with his whip step in to the sort of western which Tim Holt, William Boyd, Roy Rogers and even John Wayne had probably made themselves a few times. Yes what I am saying is that "Law of the Lash" is as generic as one of these old westerns come with Al St. John in the comedy sidekick role many might remember him for in all the Buster Crabbe westerns he appeared in.

But as such it leaves me with little to really say about "Law of the Lash" although having watched my fair share of westerns from other matinee stars of the era I have to say that Lash La Rue comes way down the pecking order. You just have to watch the fight scenes to realise why as he swings his punches out so wide that anyone could get punches in as he is still swinging. It does make the fight scenes in this more than a little cheesy.

What this all boils down to is that maybe "Law of the Lash" will entertain those who watched it as a child on a Saturday down at the picture house but watched now it offers up little other than maybe another name on a list of movies you have watched.