Las Acacias (2011) starring Germán de Silva, Hebe Duarte, Nayra Calle Mamani directed by by Pablo Giorgelli Movie Review

Las Acacias (2011)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Germán de Silva as Rubén in Las Acacias (2011)

Rubén's Road Trip

"Las Acacias" is a movie of few words and to be honest it needs few words said about it because to enjoy it you need to experience it and by experiencing it you appreciate it. I'm not going to lie and tell you that it is some foreign masterpiece because it isn't but this simple tale about a truck driver and his passengers touches you in a way you least expect it. In a way "Las Acacias" is why I like foreign movies because this Argentinean movie delivers something you rarely see in mainstream movies and that is belief.

After picking up his load of timber, truck driver Rubén (Germán de Silva) stops to pick up a passenger and their child on orders from his boss. He's not overly happy having passengers with him on his journey from Asunción del Paraguay to Buenos Aires and he's even less happy to discover the child is a baby. Not used to having either a woman or children with him it is awkward but slowly Rubén warms to the smiles of the baby and warms to the woman who he learns is Jacinta (Hebe Duarte) and the baby is Anahí (Nayra Calle Mamani). The longer their journey goes the more warmth their is between them as Rubén helps look after Anahí but as they get closer to Buenos Aires Rubén also knows that his new friends will be leaving him.

Hebe Duarte and Nayra Calle Mamani in Las Acacias (2011)

In essence "Las Acacias" is just a road trip movie, it is about a journey from Asunción del Paraguay to Buenos Aires but more importantly it is a journey in the life of Rubén. And that journey is Rubén going from being cold and miserable to feeling something for both Jacinta and her baby. It is a gradual almost predictable journey as the cuteness of Anahí brings out Rubén's softer side but it is such a beautiful journey, a steady transformation in both his and Jacinta's character as a friendship forms. But rather than being some fairytale director Pablo Giorgelli adds realism to this as the journey gets closer to its destination the air of depression appears as Rubén realises their time together is edging nearer its end.

It is so good and with "Las Acacias" being a movie of so many few words you should not be put off by the fact it is a foreign movie with subtitles, in fact most of the story is told through a look, a slight glance and often in the case of Rubén the softening of a look. As such the performances of Germán de Silva as Rubén and Hebe Duarte as Jacinta are brilliant and you really warm to them both as each soften and you can feel the start of something between them. Yet ironically both these good performances are outshone by Nayra Calle Mamani who must be one of the best trained babies I have ever seen, stealing so many scenes.

What this all boils down to is that whilst this is one of the shortest reviews I have written I don't need to say more about "Las Acacias" other than if you get the chance watch it because it is one of the most simple yet beautiful movies I have had the pleasure to watch.