Large (2001) Luke de Woolfson, Melanie Gutteridge, Simon Lowe, Lee Oakes Movie Review

Large (2001)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Lee Oakes in Large (2001)

Going Down

When Jason Mouseley's (Luke de Woolfson) 70's rock star father died in a lawnmower, garden pond, turtle incident his will stated that at 18 Jason would inherit his fortune as long as he had met certain conditions. Those conditions included a steady job, a steady girlfriend, no rock n roll parties, respecting his stepmother and caring for her dog Delgado. But with just days to go till his 18th things go disastrously wrong as he loses his job, his girlfriend, his best mate Rob (Simon Lowe) throws a party at his where Delgado ends up eating a load of drugs and the place gets totalled. It is going to take a miracle for Jason to sort things out in order to inherit what is rightfully his.

Utter rubbish, those are the two words I have for you on the matter of "Large" a movie which I am kind of surprised ever saw the light of day. All I can imagine is that someone managed to sell the idea to the businessmen as being this funny comedy set in Birmingham and when they finished making it they thought "what the hell" and released it to try and make some money back. Of course that is just my opinion and there are some who think this is a hilarious British comedy but I might wonder whether they had taken the same drugs which Delgado had done in order to come up with that opinion.

But let me just say that whilst "Large" is a mostly bad movie it does have a couple of positives. One of those is Leo, the dog which plays Delgado, because as a drug dog stoned and tripping ends up delivering many of the movie's best laughs. But that is because most of these funny scenes also involve Lee Oakes as Ian and who throws himself into the visual comedy of being a drug taking raver and who ends up coming a cropper when chasing Delgado.

What this all boils down to is that "Large" is not a good movie and I would be a liar if I ever tried to tell you it was. But it does feature an amusing dog and the more amusing Lee Oakes who ends up making the movie.