I Know Where Lizzie Is (2016) Tracey Gold, Nadia Bjorlin, Richard Ruccolo, Vanessa Evigan, Scott Evans, Robert Scott Wilson, Madison Iseman Movie Review

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Nadia Bjorlin in I Know Where Lizzie Is (2016)

Psychic Manipulations

Despite being divorced Judith (Tracey Gold - Arachnoquake) and Martin (Richard Ruccolo - Clara's Deadly Secret) remain friends, which is a good thing as their 15 year old daughter Lizzie (Madison Iseman) is going through the terrible teen stage. After Lizzie has a blazing row with her mother one night she storms out but doesn't return and as each day passes with the police struggling to find her they become increasingly fearful they will never see their daughter again. For reporter Gale Chambers (Robert Scott Wilson) this is his chance to make a name for himself and it seems that Tracy Spencer (Nadia Bjorlin - Redline), a psychic, also wants to help, whilst making a name for herself, with this case. Or is she up to something else?

Roxette once sang "She's Got the Look" and it seems like those who make TV movies these days, including "I Know Where Lizzie Is", make that rule number one when it comes to things. As such it would be fair to say that Nadia Bjorlin as psychic Tracy Spencer is attention grabbing with her hair, tan and piercing blue eyes. But it isn't just Nadia Bjorlin who has the look as Madison Iseman and Vanessa Evigan are just as eye catching and I am sure that for some Robert Scott Wilson will also be appealing as he is handsome in a model sort of way.

Richard Ruccolo, Tracey Gold and Vanessa Evigan in I Know Where Lizzie Is (2016)

The thing is that once you get passed the look of the cast "I Know Where Lizzie Is" doesn't have a great deal more to offer due to it being yet another made for TV movie which forgets the power of mystery. As such 30 minutes in and we get told what is going on, who the bad guys are and who the good guys are and who may seem an annoying shallow idiot but has the potential to be a hero. But what this means is that the "I Know Where Lizzie Is" becomes a procession to an inevitable conclusion as not only does there seem to be a lack of mystery there is also a complete lack of subtlety when it comes to dropping clues and telegraphing where things are going.

The one thing which "I Know Where Lizzie Is" has going for it, beyond the actors appeal, is that the main cast whilst not great are at least capable of delivering dialogue in a less than forced way. Okay the dialogue isn't great either and the way the characters have been written is frequently bad, especially when it comes to reporter Gale Chambers, but at least these actors know their lines and make it flow rather than looking like they are trying to remember what they had only just read. Unfortunately some of the supporting performances are terrible and they spoil various scene in "I Know Where Lizzie Is" with some terrible over acting.

What this all boils down to is that "I Know Where Lizzie Is" ends up a poor movie because its got its priorities wrong as it removes the mystery from the story and instead relies on the casts looks to appeal to the audience.