Heart of Murder (2017) (aka: Murder from the Heart / Her Secret Killer / Pretty Little Dead Girl) Makenzie Vega, Johannah Newmarch, Ben Cotton, Ben Sullivan - movie review on The Movie Scene

Heart of Murder (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Makenzie Vega in Heart of Murder (2017) (aka: Murder from the Heart / Her Secret Killer / Pretty Little Dead Girl)

Transplanting Murder

Having needed a heart transplant Emma Miller (Makenzie Vega) is fortunate enough to get the call when a matching organ comes up. But after surgery and back home recuperating Emma starts looking in to who the donor was. Much to her surprise she discovers that the donor was her cousin who according to the official reports committed suicide in her car. Despite under orders to not over exert herself and her mum trying to control her, Emma sets about trying to uncover what really happened to her cousin who had been carrying on with a wealthy married man.

"Heart of Murder", "Murder from the Heart", "Her Secret Killer" and "Pretty Little Dead Girl" were all titles which I discovered for this one movie, but no matter what you call it, I will use "Heart of Murder", this is just another young woman investigating a crime and ending up in danger made for TV movie. And it is a shame as "Heart of Murder" starts of reasonably well with not only the body in an exhaust fume filled car but we also have the transplant surgery. It is a set up which offers some potential but then quickly descends into something pretty stereotypical as Emma, with the help of her cousin's bad boy friend Seth, starts trying to get to the bottom of her death.

Ben Sullivan in Heart of Murder (2017) (aka: Murder from the Heart / Her Secret Killer / Pretty Little Dead Girl)

Now in fairness I am being a bit harsh on "Heart of Murder" because what it does serve up is a big question mark over who and why. On one hand you begin to wonder whether Emma's cousin was murdered because she would be a perfect match when it came to organ donation. But then when you meet Seth who is a bit of a bad boy and has a slight chip on his shoulder when it comes to wealth leading you to wonder whether he was involved. And then we learn that Emma's cousin was seeing a married man and of course you wonder whether he did it to silence her. It is the movie's only real strength because of course Emma, who every once in a while gets a chest pain from over exertion, ends up in danger the deeper she looks into things.

On the subject of Emma you have Makenzie Vega who delivers a likeable performance as does all the cast with Ben Sullivan giving us some leather wearing bad boy antics. But the characters through out this made for TV movie are completely generic which of course makes them forgettable, well as forgettable as this movie is.

What this all boils down to is that "Heart of Murder", or what ever you chose to call it, is a pretty routine made for TV thriller where a young woman investigating something ends up in danger. Its one real strength is that it offers up various suspects with various motives.