Deadly Switch (2019) Hayley McLaughlin, Danika Yarosh, Dylan Walsh, Teri Polo, Bryce Durfee, Matt Passmore, Heather Mazur, Ashlyn Pearce, Boti Bliss Movie Review

Deadly Switch (2019)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Hayley McLaughlin in Deadly Switch (2019)

The Good Girl

After being spooked by a masked guy blocking her path after she left the bar, Ana (Hayley McLaughlin), a foreign exchange student, becomes friends with Monica (Danika Yarosh) who scares the creep off and then insists on Ana moving in with her as her parents pay for her college digs. Monica even insists on Ana going with her to stay with her parents, Peter (Dylan Walsh - Secretariat) and Olivia (Teri Polo - Deadly Delusion), when things in the city become a little too unsettling for her as she finds herself dealing with a stalker. But it is at their idyllic home in the country that Ana feels that some thing else is going on as she reminds Monica's parents of their late daughter Camilla.

This review of "Deadly Switch" contains a spoiler and so if you don't want to know then give the movie a go but I have to be honest and say you may hate it. Now before I give anything away let me tell you that for the first 30 minutes as not a lot happens, yes we have some creep spooking Ana but what we really get is Ana and Monica becoming besties and as such we are treated to a variety of scenes of fake laughter and over the top reacting. It is frankly both painful and dull and if I hadn't looked down the cast list before the movie started I might not have stuck with it.

Dylan Walsh in Deadly Switch (2019)

But then once "Deadly Switch" takes us to Monica's parent's home things get interesting as we learn that Ana looks like their other daughter whip supposedly died in a car crash, the father obsessing over whether or not she is a good girl and Teri Polo playing Olivia like she is a constant nervous wreck. Later on in the movie when we meet a character played By Boti Bliss who is equally tense you begin to suspect that Peter and his male friends are a controlling bunch when it comes to the women in their lives. Yet that is not the real spoiler; that comes from Ana discovering that Camilla is still alive and Monica actually picked Ana to take her home having promised her father she would find a replacement for Camilla for family friend Kevin in return for her freedom. This is where "Deadly Switch" falls apart as for Monica's plans to work a lot of things had to happen she was not in control of and so the movie becomes too far fetched despite have an interesting premise.

What this all boils down to is that "Deadly Switch" is one of those movies with an entertaining premise but the final result is flawed with not only logical issues but some of those over the top scenes which make you cringe to their false nature. In truth the movie is also slow going and seems to use quite a bit of filler to eek it out towards the 90 minute mark.