Deadly Attraction (2017) Lindsay Hartley, Jim Shield, Brittney Wilson, Steve Baran, Garry Chalk, Holly Deveaux, Aaron Pearl, Madison Smith, Sebastian Spence Movie Review

Deadly Attraction (2017)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Lindsay Hartley in Deadly Attraction (2017)

Beware the Evil Eye

Ruby Asher (Lindsay Hartley - The Wrong Nanny) has a type.... wealthy and she is always on the look out for a new millionaire, sometimes dating the next one whilst still married to the current one. I say current but once Ruby is done with them she kills them. It is not long after inheriting a small fortune, following the death of Daniel Nash (Jim Shield), that she sets her sights on her next millionaire, Nicholas Landon, a widow and a single dad to Teresa (Brittney Wilson - The Christmas Cottage). But with Teresa's uncle Joe (Aaron Pearl - Campus Caller) suspicious of Ruby, especially as he can't find any history on her, Teresa sets out to get justice after her father dies due to an asthma attack.

Beware the evil eye because if it catches you then you will die. That is what you get in "Deadly Attraction" a simple movie as we have the attractive Ruby who we quickly learn does not trust men but sets out to marry wealthy men and then bump them off to get her hands on their wealth, and if that means bumping off anyone who starts to investigate her so be it. About the only thing initially different about "Deadly Attraction" is that Ruby has a teen daughter who is becoming tired of always having to move on when suddenly her mother's latest husband meets a mysterious end, whilst she is also tired of her mother's negative feelings towards men, especially a nice guy that the daughter has fallen for.

Brittney Wilson in Deadly Attraction (2017)

But there is a twist in this tale and there is also the acting. To be honest after a couple of deaths, and we watch Ruby meet yet another man, it is pretty obvious that there is something different this time around and so whilst I say that "Deadly Attraction" has a twist it truly isn't that surprising. What is more surprising is the painfully over the top nature of the acting with some of it reminding me of the staged dramatics in the original series of Dynasty. From Ruby standing over her husbands watching them die to giving the evil eye and always seeming to be on the edge of going psycho it is almost entertaining for being over the top.

What this all boils down to is that "Deadly Attraction" is one of those made for TV movies which is kind of enjoyable but not as a thriller but in an over the top way. In truth if I had watched "Deadly Attraction" hoping to be engaged by a clever storyline I would have probably ended up disappointed by its over the top and obvious nature.