Curse of the Talisman (2001) starring Jesse Spencer, Capkin Van Alphen, Sara Gleeson, Jonathan Atherton directed by Colin Budds Movie Review

Curse of the Talisman (2001)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jesse Spencer in Curse of the Talisman (2001)

Angry Gargoyles

Student, Jeremy (Jesse Spencer), is late for his job again at a store which specialises in the weird, wonderful and macabre. Whilst getting a telling off he also finds himself with the job of storing a stolen gargoyle statue and a talisman for the weekend in the basement of his parent's house. But Jeremy is intrigued by the talisman and after playing about with it in his bedroom the gargoyle magically comes to life and goes on a rampage in the town. Meanwhile Father Eccleston (Rod Mullinar) is intrigued by the talisman and fears its power.

"Curse of the Talisman" reminded me of my youth, not that I worked in s shop full of the weird and wonderful but this reminded of the Australian movies which would be put on TV for teens during the summer holidays and I can barely remember a single detail of. And I know that "Curse of the Talisman" is going to be forgettable just like those movies as right from the word go it is non-descript with a scene in days of yore with a child running from something then trying to smash a talisman on a rock. It is simply a scene with no depth, no fear, no build up and no way an enticement to give up the next 92 minutes of your day.

And so it goes on with the only thing really standing out as "Curse of the Talisman" started was that I recognized Jesse Spencer from when I use to watch "Neighbours". From then on I just kept thinking of "Gremlins" and why didn't someone warn Jeremy not to play with the Talisman after dark. The thing is that "Curse of the Talisman" is just another version of another movie with ancient relics, old curses and gremlins, I mean angry gargoyles rampaging through a town. It doesn't help matters that the effects are basic and the acting is banal with this feeling little more than a movie for Jesse Spencer to showcase his youthful talents, which means at least one shirtless scene.

What this all boils down to is that "Curse of the Talisman" was just one long bore for me and became frankly a yawn-fest. But I get a feeling that this was a horror made with young teens in mind and as such I am not surprised that as an adult I found it boring and far too familiar.