Anatomy of Deception (2014) Miranda Frigon, Natasha Henstridge, Kit Williamson, Olivia Osteen, K.C. Clyde, Michael McLafferty, Lochlyn Munro Movie Review

Anatomy of Deception (2014)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Miranda Frigon in Anatomy of Deception (2014)

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

Jack Myers, aka: the Kaos killer, broadcasts online as he tortures and murdereds his victims. But he picked the wrong victim when he abducted Lt. Alison Briggs' (Natasha Henstridge - A Sister's Nightmare) sister as with her partner Lt. Frank Williams (Lochlyn Munro - When Sparks Fly) they track him down and arrest him. 14 months later Jack Myers is still awaiting trial having pleaded insanity, whilst Frank Williams has not only been promoted to Chief but announced his campaign for mayor. It is why he is not overly happy when the current mayor decides to throw his support behind district attorney Genna Knowles (Miranda Frigon - A Cookie Cutter Christmas). It is then that Genna finds herself stalked by someone set on destroying her life and career. But Genna is not one to lie down and take a beating and plots her revenge.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe which creepo is it going to be, is it the chief of police, the IT geek, the separated husband busy with his own career, the neighbour or maybe it is the Kaos killer who quite early on appears to die in a burning vehicle because of course not everything is what it seems. You may wonder what I am on about but the first half of "Anatomy of Deception" gets busy setting up a series of men who may or may not be behind a campaign to ruin the life of DA Genna, from broadcasting a video of something which happened years ago to the untimely death of the Kaos killer which Genna was going to use to launch her mayoral campaign from.

The thing is that "Anatomy of Deception" goes the low budget route so every time Genna speaks to one of the men who might be targeting her we get the look from the man once she has gone. It unfortunately makes it a bit too pantomime like although in fairness by not being subtle it makes it a guessing game as they are all as obvious as each other. The thing is that whilst it enjoys toying with you it relies on the audience not trying to play sleuth because when you look at the detail, with Genna falling victim to a series of emails and online videos, there is some one who is obvious.

Aside from that, well there is a torture side to "Anatomy of Deception" which some might say is "Saw" like but is closer to the Diane Lane movie "Untraceable" with the whole killing online aspect. But this doesn't go for the full gore and so it won't be graphic enough to appeal to those who enjoy horror movies.

What this all boils down to is that "Anatomy of Deception" is okay for those just looking for a thriller to watch which plays things less than subtly. But for those looking for grit, realism and a mystery to solve will probably find it doesn't come together in a completely logical manner and gets a little cheesy during the second half.