All Things Valentine (2016) Movie Review

All Things Valentine (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Sarah Rafferty and Sam Page in All Things Valentine (2016)

All Things Hallmark

Avery Parker (Sarah Rafferty) runs a blog offering out romantic advice, although after a series of disastrous Valentine's Days she doesn't do them anymore. When her dog becomes ill she ends up meeting Brendan (Sam Page - Annie Claus is Coming to Town), a handsome veterinarian, and they really hit it off. The thing is that Brendan's last girlfriend dumped him after taking advice from Avery through her blog and since then Brendan has been leaving barbed comments on the site under an alias. With neither realising they are online enemies things get interesting when Avery learns that Brendan is the man who has been leaving spiteful comments on her blog.

Strap in guys because this will be short and sweet as "All Things Valentine" is so by the book that you sit watching this movie more focussed on what others movies it reminds you off. We have the blogger giving advice on romance who doesn't do romance after many failed relationships, we have the handsome man she meets who she falls for but then we have the connection they know nothing about, such as in "You've Got Mail" which of course means when they realise the connection it causes conflict in their relationship. That is it guys and as I said "All Things Valentine" is typical from start to finish, well typical of a romantic comedy which gets shown on the Hallmark Channel.

But like I pretty much always say, these Hallmark movies are made with a specific audience in mind, those who want innocent charm which doesn't demand much thinking about. And as such "All Things Valentine" delivers that in an expected no brainer sort of way with a pleasant cast, a pleasant look and nothing which is going to make the intended audience wonder what they missed when they might have nipped in to the kitchen to get tea and biscuits.

What this all boils down to is that "All Things Valentine" is another stereotypical Hallmark romantic comedy which whilst being a pleasant distraction for those who are a fan of Hallmark movies may end up being highly cheesy for those who expect more than easy watching from a movie.