A Season for Miracles (1999) Carla Gugino, Kathy Baker, David Conrad, Laura Dern, Patty Duke, Lynn Redgrave Movie Review

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Carla Gugino and David Conrad in A Season for Miracles (1999)

Talking to Angels

With her sister in a secure unit at the hospital after almost killing herself via an overdose Emilie Thompson (Carla Gugino) is ready to look after her young niece and nephew; Alanna and J.T.. But with no job, nowhere to stay and having given everything she has to her sister, no bank account the social worker wants to take the children in to care than rather let Emilie look after them, something she won't let happen having being a foster kid herself as a child. It is why Emilie flees with the kids and whilst having no idea where to go end up in the town of Bethlehem. There it seems a guardian angel is looking out for her as through a confusion the town think Emilie is someone she isn't and welcome her with open arms. But as it seems that maybe Emilie and the children of finding happiness there is always the danger of social services to worry about.

I wish I had a guardian angel or if I have one I would like to exchange it for one who does as good of a job as the one in "A Season for Miracles". Anyway I digress but is kind of related to this review of "A Season for Miracles" as we have Emilie along with her nice and nephew experiencing a series of miracles as people confuse her for someone else, giving her the hope that things will work out. And these miracles have something to do with an angel who seems to be looking out for her and the children.

Now I could go on and tell you more as to what happens such as maybe there is some romance, well as a Hallmark movie that's really a given isn't it. But let me just say that whilst some Hallmark Christmas movies end up forgettably routine, whilst others are enjoyably fun "A Season for Miracles" hits the memorably fun and touching note to perfection. As such this is one of those movies which fills you with optimism and a sense that good things can happen in this world and there are communities where people care for one another. I could go on but I fear I may turn into a preacher extolling the virtues of Hallmark movies.

But as is always the case a good Hallmark movie relies on a good cast and "A Season for Miracles" has that with Carla Gugino delivering the beauty but also the conflict of a young woman with secrets and plenty of nervousness as she fears this wonderful life will be over if anyone ever discovers the truth. And of course we have a nice guy in the form of Nathan, played with plenty of charm by David Conrad. And again I could go on as this cast also features Patty Duke in mischievous angel mode which is a treat as she brings such playful warmth to the role.

What this all boils down to is that "A Season for Miracles" is perfect example of why I, and many others, look forwards to Christmas and the offerings from the Hallmark channel. It delivers everything from the looks to the fun as well as the romance but it also gets the spirit spot on to make you feel good about things.

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