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Marc Bendavid and Rachel Boston in A Rose for Christmas (2017)

A Boston Rose

Andy's (Rachel Boston) family business have for years built the floats which take part in the Rose Parade and since her mother died her father, Big Al (Michael Kopsa), has thrown himself into the business. But with health issues he has been ordered to rest meaning that Andy has to step in and take over the running of the business which is not in the best state as with his health issues Al has let things slip a bit. To make matters worse Andy has to deal with Cliff (Marc Bendavid) who works for the company who is sponsoring the float they are building and expects Andy to run things with the same efficiency he expects at the office.

He is the office worker who thinks everything in the world should run like he has things in the office, his focus is on his career and doesn't have any real fond memories of his childhood or Christmas as his parents were always dealing with clients. She is the small town girl who knows how to get the best out of every day folk but has flaws when it comes to her own confidence as an artist. That is the skeleton on which "A Rose for Christmas" is made, a Hallmark movie where of course the chalk n cheese pairing end up getting very close but with a few bumps in the romantic road etc etc.

The thing is that the familiarity of "A Rose for Christmas" isn't an issue because anyone who loves Hallmark movies half expect to watch some thing predictable and familiar. And what this does, other than letting us see a bit of float building, is deliver the pleasantness which fans of Hallmark watch for. That ranges from houses done up with Christmas decorations to the loveliness which is Rachel Boston who delivers that sweet sensitivity which makes the character of Andy easy to like. Marc Bendavid delivers the same thing, that businessman who gets in touch with a fun loving side he had forgotten about.

What this all boils down to is that "A Rose for Christmas" is in truth a very typical Hallmark movie with a pretty typical romantic rollercoaster storyline which trades on a lot of pleasantness. The one really unique thing about "A Rose for Christmas" which stands out from the crowd is that this features a storyline which takes in the Rose Parade.

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