A Puppy For Christmas (2016) Cindy Busby, Greyston Holt, Christopher Russell Movie Review

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Cindy Busby in A Puppy For Christmas (2016)

A Christmas Canine Matchmaker

Noelle (Cindy Busby) has almost the perfect life; she has a great job, a handsome boyfriend in Todd (Christopher Russell) and a nice apartment which they share. But Noelle has always wanted a puppy and on the spur of a moment decides to get her and Todd one even though Todd has said he is allergic dogs. Well the arrival of a dog called Buster sees Noelle's life turned upside down and she is soon facing Christmas alone and with nowhere to stay when Todd says he wants a break. It leads to Noelle spending Christmas with the last person she imagined, her less than polished colleague Liam (Greyston Holt) who invites her to spend the Holiday with him and his family on the Christmas tree farm. Finding herself in a place full of welcoming Christmas cheer leads to some surprising feelings for Liam as well as confusion when Todd comes calling, wanting her back.

Well I am in to double figures for the number of made for TV Christmas movies I have already watched and reviewed this festive season and the biggest shock is that "A Puppy For Christmas" is the first to rework the storyline about a city girl falling for her opposite and in a location far from the city. And Yes that of course leads to the inevitable decision to make when the slick city boyfriend shows up wanting a second chance having realised he wants Noelle back. As such whilst there are some twists and a few entertaining developments "A Puppy For Christmas" isn't so much a Christmas movie you watch intently but you put on and just enjoy the festive fun and the feeling it gives you.

Greyston Holt in A Puppy For Christmas (2016)

What do I mean by festive fun; well of course there is the romance as Noelle falls for Liam but there is also a beautiful remote house in the middle of the woods, roaring fires, snow covered roads, traditions like picking a Christmas tree from the woods and plenty more. Yes it is all as familiar as is having a struggling seasonal based family business run by the nicest of grandparents. And for an extra layer you have the cutest and most mischievous of little dogs who has the cutest little bark and pulls of plenty of cute tricks.

What this all boils down to is that "A Puppy For Christmas" is one of those familiar Christmas movies, the sort which recycles a familiar theme and does a nice job of it. But it is a movie which is less about what happens and more about the look and the feel which it gets very right, serving up the sort of Christmas some of us yearn for and look forwards to watching each year.

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