A Perfect Stranger (1994) starring Robert Urich, Stacy Haiduk, Darren McGavin, Susan Sullivan, Holly Marie Combs, Marion Ross directed by Michael Miller Movie Review

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Stacy Haiduk, Robert Urich and Marion Ross in A Perfect Stranger (1994)

A Slushy Stranger

I have watched a few movies which are adaptations of Danielle Steel novels and whilst some have surprised me by being not what I expected "A Perfect Stranger" is exactly what I expected with its melodramatic, slushy love tale. Now whilst I enjoy romantic movies the soft lighting, the heroic romantic moments and much more which fills "A Perfect Stranger" is too much for me and often borders on the corny but at the same time for those who are fond of simply romantic movies which feel like a slushy piece of chick lit will probably enjoy it.

Ever since he spotted an attractive woman tending to the garden of a mansion Alex Hale (Robert Urich - Lonesome Dove) has jogged past the house every morning just to get a glimpse of her. The woman in question is Raphaella Phillips (Stacy Haiduk) the much younger wife of millionaire businessman John Henry Phillips (Darren McGavin - Raw Deal) who for the past 5 years has lovingly tended to her husband who following a stroke has been bed ridden. But on a cross country flight Alex and Raphaella meet and slowly become friends and then more than friends.

Darren McGavin and Stacy Haiduk in A Perfect Stranger (1994)

As storylines go "A Perfect Stranger" is nothing overly amazing, the young wife of a dying man finds herself falling for someone who whilst still older is younger than her dying husband. But it plays out the scenario nicely with emotional conflict of the young wife especially when certain things happen which lead to her feeling the pangs of guilt. Basically for the most it is obvious with its rollercoaster love story but it kind of works.

What for me doesn't work but I expected it not to was the look and tone of the movie because I anticipated a slushy movie full of cliches. And that is what I got from soft lighting, cliche romantic gestures on a moonlit terrace and so much more. As I said at the start "A Perfect Stranger" has the style of a slushy bit of chick lit where the romantic music swells when they end up in bed which is not for me but for fans of that style of romantic fantasy it probably works.

Aside from that well to be honest the acting is so so with Stacy Haiduk grabbing your attention but because of her beauty. That isn't to say the performances are bad all the actors play their parts reasonably well for this type of movie but it isn't great acting.

What this all boils down to is that "A Perfect Stranger" is a bit of slushy, melodramatic chick lit brought to the screen and if you are a fan of slushy love stories then this might just entertain you.

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