A Novel Romance (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Amy Acker and Dylan Bruce in A Novel Romance (2015)

A Normal TV Movie Romance

When Liam Bradley (Dylan Bruce) wrote his first book it was part of a way to deal with a failed relationship and as such rather than publish it under his own name he took the alias Gabriel August. Now a few books down the line not only is Liam struggling to write a new book but his publisher wants to reveal who Gabriel is to his adoring fans. Deciding to head to Portland and his boat Liam meets Sophie Atkinson (Amy Acker), a Portland journalist on the plane journey there, and they hit it off. The trouble is that Liam knows that Sophie is a fan of his books except he hasn't told her that he is Gabriel August and after she was lied to by a cheating ex has had trust issues to contend with in getting to know Liam.

I should think in the last month I have watched getting on for 20 Hallmark movies, well it was Christmas and there's always a bunch of new Hallmark Christmas movies to wade through. Anyway I digress and to make my point I think out of those twenty movies maybe one or two had an original idea where the rest only recycled old story ideas. Unfortunately "A Novel Romance" is in the majority and it is one of those movies which recycles an old idea and doesn't do a good job of hiding it.

As such "A Novel Romance" gives us the very familiar cliches of a woman who has trust issues because of a jerk of a previous boyfriend and then we have her handsome new beau who is keeping a secret from her. If you don't realise how this is going to play out within minutes of the movie starting then give it a year and I will guarantee you will have watched at least another movie which uses the same ideas probably more.

But before you think I am going to say that "A Novel Romance" isn't worth your time and effort it is in fact not that bad. Despite being obvious and spinning the familiar ideas out to the limit of being bearable it is pleasantly cute whilst Amy Acker and Dylan Bruce are sweet together. Yes the over indulgently sweet music gets on your nerves a little and the lack of realism when it comes to Sophie's sudden plans to become a book blogger are comical but in that typical easy to watch kind of way "A Novel Romance" works.

What this all boils down to is that "A Novel Romance" is nothing new as it takes a couple of well used old ideas and uses them again. But for fans of Hallmark movies who probably have watched quite a few movies which use the same ideas it is a pleasant enough romantic distraction.